Research Highlights

  • Graphene Electronics





First Graphene Integrated Circuit as
broadband frequency mixer
Science 332, 1294 (2011)

Selected Media Coverage:
Fox News - First Graphene-Based Computer Chip May Shake Up Silicon Valley
New York Times - I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits
MIT Technology Review - Speedier Cell Phone Circuitry
PC Magazine - IBM Researchers Create World's First Graphene Circuit - Graphene integrated circuit is a first
EE Times - IBM researchers demo graphene IC on SiC wafer
MSNBC - Tiny circuit big boost for electronics
The Washington Post - IBM makes first graphene integrated circuit

Shortest gate length (40 nm) graphene FET with a cut-off
frequency of 155 GHz.
Gaphene FET fabricated on CVD graphene transferred
to diamond-like carbon substrates.
Nature 472, 47-4 (2011).

Selected Media Coverage:
Infoworld - IBM shows smallest, fastest graphene processor
Next Big Future - IBM make 155 GHz graphene transistor on diamond-like carbon - IBM introduces new graphene transistor

100 GHz graphene RF transistor demonstrated on a 2-inch graphene/SiC wafer.

Science 327, 662 (2010)

High-Performance Graphene RF Transistor Fabricated on Exfoliated Graphene.

Nano Letters 9, 422-426 (2009).

IEEE Electron Device Letters 31, 68 (2010).

Strong Reduction of 1/f noise in Bilayer Graphene.

Nano Letters, Vol. 8, pp. 2119-2125 (2008).

Graphene Nanoribbon for Enhanced On/Off Ratio.

Physica E, 40, 228 (2007).


  • Carbon Nanotube Electronics


Suspended Carbon Nanotube Device.

Nanotechnology, 18 295202 (2007).


40-nm High-Performance Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistor.

IEEE Electron Device Lett. 26, p. 823-825 (2005).


First ring oscillator circuit demonstration on an individual single-wall carbon nanotube.

Science 311, p. 1735 (2006).